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ecu tuning shops We have been tuning EFI vehicles for decades but we still remember how to deal with carburetors! EFI Logics the best dyno tuning facility in the Northeast, SCT Tuning, Cobb Tuning, Evo Tuning, Ford Tuning. Have a custom race ski and need help dialing in the power? Let us supply a base map, and we can help you tweak from there. We will dial in your tune until it is perfect! Custom ECU Remapping Cars & Performance Vehicles 4×4’s SUV’s Trucks & Buses Tractors Heavy Machinery Boats Jet Ski’s Side-by-Sides . Whether you need your 1,500HP EFI race vehicle tuned, or the jets adjusted on your motorcycle or dirt bike, JMS Chip & Performance is your one stop custom tuning shop. Package the form and the ECU together and send to: Jett Tuning Attn: ECU Re-Flash 590 Constitution Ave. ECU Tuning Group - Fremont, CA 94538 Auto Repair Select your year to shop Ford Mustang Tuners and Chips 2015-2020 2010-2014 2005-2009 1999-2004 1994-1998 1979-1993 2015-2020 2010-2014 2005-2009 1999-2004 1994-1998 1979-1993 PSA ECU Tuning Shop, Taipei, Taiwan. Dyno Tuning Facts - The big ass torque wrenches; WIRING; ECU Pinouts - ECU wiring details; MAF Wiring; OBD-II Wiring Pinout; Logging Inputs - Wideband/Boost/Oil/Fuel PSI; EFI & OBD-II Swaps - Converting from Carb to Fuel Injection; Fox ECU - Electric Fan Control; 86-93 Fox to SN ECU Swap - A9L to T4M0 Swap; Electronic Auto Trans Swap - 4R70W Shop by category.   High Pressure Fuel Pump Nostrum High Pressure Fuel Pump kits offer an Add to Cart ECU Tuning ECU Tuning ECU Tuning. We specialize in performance tunes for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes,Toyota/Lexus, Audi, Range Rovers, Mini, Volkswagen, and more. happy with the apparent HP gain, the customer goes Audi BMW Mercedes Benz Porsche Accessories Wheels Exhaust Intake. Practical Reflash Tuning 1336 Minutes We're sorry but Malone Tuning doesn't work properly without JavaScript enabled. Set Descending *Note: Custom ECU calibration is required for proper operation, we do not offer tech support for 3rd party tuning. 00 Specializing in ECU tuning and performance parts, we offer upgrades for Mercedes Benz AMG, BMW M, McLaren and more. Expect at least 3-4 hr dyno time minimum to tune these even if you are experienced at partial and wide open throttle fuel tuning. And they say they're the first tuners to crack the Hellcat's ECU, getting 706 horses and 630 lb-ft of ECS Tuning has a long and celebrated history supporting the European car community. ECU Thailand was established here in Bangkok by our chief engineer and German owner a little of 10 years ago. car has 100% Positive Feedback Save this seller Side Refine Panel Our ECU Remap software is the result of our extensive development programmes which ensures optimum performance and reliability. We treat you as Nov 19, 2016 · ECU-Shop; HKS; DTE / or rebranded; Uni-chip; We recommend these as these have excellent tuning ability by being able to manipulate both Air + fuel (both rail pressure and duration) – where nearly all of the other chips will do only fuel – and usually only by one method. STREET OR TRACK USE Vary on Fuel Type, Number of Hours and ECU Type, Call to Make an Appointment Today! Shop by Product Type. Oct 17, 2019 · Eurocharged Canada offers custom ECU tuning for all Exotic and European car manufactures, custom fabrication, power packages as well as regular maintenance. Add to cart Dyno Tuning Motorcycle Dyno Tuning Services We run your motorcycle on a DynoJet 250i Dynamometer machine which measures torque and horsepower throughout the RPM range. The intake tube length is tuned on the dyno and sent out to match the rest of the build along with the ECU/tuning solution. The operation is simple but creating the May 20, 2019 Eurocode Tuning 2019 Memorial Day Sale Take advantage of special promotion and discount from a variety of companies on our website! Dec 12, 2018 APR Software Sale!! Up to 25%! 10% off ECU and TCU software, or 25% off switching from a competitor! MRP Motorsports in Pasadena, Maryland provides top quality and professional motorcycle suspension service, engine building, and dyno tuning to Mid-Atlantic region. PickupsPlusCars is a Certified SCT dealer with Calibrator level access (the highest level of software access and only awarded to the elite SCT dealers). Mar 19, 2015 · Luckily, the folks at Houston, Texas tuning shop SeriousHP are exactly that type of deranged. Paramount Performance is a name synonymous with the Jaguar Car marque and high performance engineering tuning. From our beginnings as a family-operated service shop, ECS Tuning has become the leading distributor of Genuine, Aftermarket, and Performance parts for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI, Porsche, or Volkswagen. We offer learning through a variety of proven methods - including learn at home book courses, online training, and hands-on classes. Search any make and model with the ‘Celtic Tuning’ name and there is a whole host of positive feedback on their remaps and tuning the past two decades. That being said, ECU tuning is an effective tool for gaining usable, drivable horsepower if you do it right. Chiptuningshop Limited specialises in the manufacture, development and supply of professional equipment and software for the Chip Tuning industry. We offer only the very best in custom ECU chiptuning / remapping / Flashing using the latest ECU programming techniques and software available. Over at Novitech Tuning we believe the life of your engine starts with a good quality oil change service. You can buy this cable for around 20 25 USD from eBay, dont spend money on expensive things if you dont have a very new car model with EDC17 ECU. Tuning for race gas, advanced timing, and so on; For even more power and tuning options, we also provide ECU flashing and Kit ECUS for racing – control everything from ignition timing to quickshifters, traction control, and a host of other controls and sensors on your sportbike for absolute optimum performance. Browsing these professional tool for ECU chip tuning and Remapping file from the first one to the last, you will be attracted by most of them deeply. Inside the box with your ECU, make sure to include your name, phone number, and return shipping address. When it comes to ECU tuning, leave it to the professionals who have many years of ECU experience under their collective belt. WSBK Level Flash ECU Tuning for S1000RR, carbon wheels #bmws1000rr #alphaRacing #2020 BMW S1000RR K67 K46 linear link, lowering link, drag race link M Yes, you read it right – we are offering FREE INSTALL on the track proven VF620 supercharger kit. 95 Add to cart Fits 2007-2017 Ford E-350 Super Duty – Performance Tuner Chip & Power Programmer The SPEED-BUSTER® chip tuning kit can be used again after it has been removed. Welcome to N54Tuning, your one stop shop for all your BMW Tuning and BMW Performance Modifications for the N54, N55, N20, N26, S55, B58/B48 and other BMW platforms! See photos, tips, similar places specials, and more at JRD Tuning - Mobile ECU Tuning Automotive Shop in Leicester, Leicester Foursquare uses cookies to provide you with an optimal experience, to personalize ads that you may see, and to help advertisers measure the results of their ad campaigns. AUTHORIZED DIABLO SPORT CUSTOM ECU TUNING SUPPLIER AND PROGRAMMING SPECIALISTS We can remove/disable factory security software (no more chip keys!!). Aug 15, 2020 · Tel: +39 (0)91 7487722 +39 (0)91 7487723 Fax:+39 (0)91 7487724 E-mail: info@magicmotorsport. 00 Vehicle CT200h IS200t IS300h IS350 ES300h ES350 GS200t GS300h GS350 GS450h LS460 LS600h RC200t RC350 NX200t NX300h RX200t RX350 RX450h LX570 RC F GS F IS F Specializing in EFI tuning, sales and installation. Turner Motorsport is the #1 source of high performance BMW parts, OEM BMW replacement parts and BMW accessories. E1 has partnered with the premier tuners in the country to deliver to you an increase in horse power and torque. ProEFI single fuel tune starting at $1000; Please contact us for any hardware, wiring, or sensor components, since we at MKC can build a custom package just for you. 95 Superchips ECU remaps will optimise the performance of your car, helping to maximize your driving pleasure. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. EuroSpeed Performance provide tuning solutions to most makes of Cars, Trucks, Bikes, Agritec and Earthmoving vehicles. Dyno tuning, mail order tuning - take advantage of our years of experience and let us handle your tuning. We have been making Custom Performance Memcals for the factory Holden Delco ECU since the VL Walkinshaw and VN Commodore. Some of the most exhilarating experiences come on the open road, especially when Tuning options are currently available for GM gas, Duramax diesel, Dodge, Chrysler, European, and MEFI ECM boat controllers! Contact for more details and pricing information. More Power Improved Throttle Response Increase Economy Removal of speed limiter (if requested) Established in 2000. Right now save $70-$120 with our tuning combos use coupon code "FLASHPRO"! For Ktuner purchases use coupon code "FLASH". As Brisbane’s premier Common Rail and Turbo Diesel performance and repair centre, clients throughout Queensland and interstate choose Diesel Tuning Brisbane to handle their ECU Remapping, Diesel tuning and specialist repair across a broad spectrum of N54Tuning. Features: Dec 11, 2018 · This content is intended for businesses (mechanics, service centers, repair shops, etc) looking to find a great tool to program electronic control modules for their own customers. There is something wonderful about turning a couple screws and getting a noticeable change in how your bike runs, altering the idle point, getting the fuel spot on and MPPS V16 ECU Chip Tuning for EDC15 EDC16 EDC17 MPPS V16 is a professional ECU chip tuning tool, it is completely working through obd2 port, no need soldering or connecting cables, easy and high efficiency. The ECU chip is located in the injection system and regulates the amount of air and fuel mixture that takes place. Mini Works online shop RPM MOTORSPORT LTD is known for being one of the leading companies and pioneers in BMW ECU Replacements. Whether a car has a normally aspirated or turbocharged engine, tuning the ECU can delivery better driveability, improve performance, and unleash a whole new driving experience of the vehicle. Our hydraulic load-bearing all-wheel-drive capable Dynapack dynamometer allows us to precisely load and tune your vehicle with accurate and consistent results and data. In Tune Autoworks is a full service shop specializing in complete chassis dyno services, EFI and carburetor tuning, custom car builds and much more, including an official state inspection station. Swaim Performance Solutions provides custom services for Dyno tuning, EFI tuning, wiring, carb conversions and automotive repairs logo Welcome Falls Road, Eva, Al Tel: +1 256 651 7708 Maestro tuning suite is a hardware and software package that allows users to: Flash your vehicle an unlimited number of times with any of the supplied base files (stage 1, 2, 3, or custom tuned versions of these ), Oct 07, 2013 · The reality is that even the most sophisticated ECU adjustment can’t do much to increase power output without modifications to other systems on the car. The combination of new technology and better components, such as, variable valve timing, Valvetronic, and forced induction result in better performance and increased fuel mileage as compared to the same displacement engines only a few years ago. If you want to get your car tuned, you can find your nearest EcuTek dealer by: The ECU Tuning provided by Redline Speed Worx (RSW) is an expertly recalibrated engine control strategy that primarily remaps the engine’s operating parameters, within the factory ECU, to provide smooth and reliable power as if intended by the OEM. We are If, during the course of tuning, the car is found to not be ready or has mechanical, wiring, fuel, leaks, or other problems, then the tuning session will be halted and charged for the time spent. Big Brake Kit, ECU Tuning, DBW Enhancement, Sport Springs, Sway Bars: 2013+ Quattroporte S, SQ4 w/ 3. Remapping or reflashing the ECU gives you the opportunity to reset certain parts of the engine management software to improve performance and handling. With locations in the US and Canada, we're able to serve a global community of Euro tuning enthusiasts. Quantum Tuning has a database of over 50,000 unique files supplying a network of approximately 1000 dealers the world over – we are the largest ECU remapping and chip tuning dealer group. We have years of experience with automotive systems and programming, so we can assist with anything from choosing the best tools to make your job easier to recovering bricked ecus. To see more details and what can be done with a simple Pro Cable or a complete custom tune follow the links here. Tunehouse offers a comprehensive range of stand-alone, piggy-back and interceptor-type ECU options with expert advice and fitting/tuning service. We specialize in Performance Tuning Equipment - from simple and effective flash tuners and scan tools to gear for the experience EFI Tuner and Pro Mechanic. Purchasing a custom tune requires you to submit datalogs and entitles you to six (6) revisions for one set of modifications. We specialize in race car, track car and sport car alignments and chassis set-up, tire mounting and balancing, suspension upgrades, brake upgrades, and race car preparation. Nearly 20 years of tuning experience with a huge array of systems, Factory trained with AEM, Motec and Emtron. Sometimes when you are tuning an engine that is already in a vehicle on a chassis dyno, a lot of strange things can happen that you should be aware of. This decision was made in order to concentrate on ECU reverse engineering, tuning and controller design. After ECU tuning most cars will see an increase in power and torque resulting in a better driving experience. Thanks to your K-TAG you can write the files sent to you by your master right in the ECU, in a few minutes. If the car has a mechanical issue and is not related to calibrating the ecu the customer has the decision to take the car back and fix themselves, or leave the car with us to further diagnose at shop rate. State of the art diagnostic features and its uncanny repeatability testing, makes this the dyno to be on for your RWD, FWD and AWD tuning needs. Carbon fiber bodykits and ECU tuning for Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Lamborghini Huracan and McLaren 570S, 570GT and 540C This Tuning option for your Yamaha waverunner will max the power levels, while keeping reliability. 0L V6 Twin Turbo: ECU Tuning, DBW Enhancement, Sport Springs, Sway Bars : Ferrari : F430 F-1 : F-1 Enhancement : Aston Martin : Aston Martin V8 Vantage : Drive By Wire Enhancement SpeedFactory LLC. 2L LS3 & L99 Engine in 2010-2013 Camaro SS models The GS is frequently overlooked as a performance car, probably because of the badge and fact it is a saloon but with the excellent range of engines on offer it is a really good candidate for a car tuning project. After nearly 10 years of high performance service, projects and custom fabrication the PSI Tuning Fabrication & Service division has been closed effective August 30th 2011. We also cater for Toyota enthusiasts, modifying cars like the Supra, Soarer, Cressida and the new Toyota 86. After months of work with the developer of VF Tuner and weeks of development on the tune we are now offering Delicious Tuning specific Stage Tunes with the VF Tuner Programming Kit Package. Our Santa Clara European auto repair shop will take care of your car performance tuning solutions, ensuring that they are of the highest quality. Once we receive your ECU we will call and notify you as well as ask for shipping preference and a credit card for payment. The ECU-SHOP performance tuning range starts at just $395 for the Boost Speed Next throttle response module, through to $2195 for the Touch Combo ECU Chip for Injector Duration, Injector Timing, Boost, Rail Pressure, Suction Control Valve diesel tuning with ramble Idle, and AUX ports delivering up to 85% more torque. 2L Diesel Engine used in the T150/T250/T350 Transit from 2015 through 2018 When you purchase our data-logging tuning service, we will loan you the necessary hardware and software for you to connect to your vehicle's computer and record sensor data while you drive. We have over a decade of experience tuning many different platforms, using many different types of software. Aug 14, 2020 · Magnum Tuning makes top notch powersports performance parts, ECU fuel tunes, oxygen sensor simulators for car, ATV, boat, motorcycle, PWC. showing all 3 results ecu tuning amr performance comport handheld programmer ECU Tuning: When it comes to ECU tuning we are second to none! We have two COBB Certified Protuners in house with over 15+ years of tuning combined. Dyno Tuning will allow us to maximize all aspects of your motorcycle's tuning to achieve optimal power and efficiency. We come to you! There is a age old debate to what tuning solution is best for your vehicle There are 2 common ways of tuning your car,truck or tractor. com, to meet your diverse and demanding needs, Obdii365 has developed a vast collections of OBDII tools, including: OBDII / OBD2 scanner, OBDII cable and connector, car and truck diagnostic tool, ECU programmer, car key programmer, auto locksmith tool, odometer correction tool ECU Tuning Hardware. Features – 35mm 3-Way Adjustable Tubular Front Bar: 372, 475, and 515 lbs/in – 25mm 3-Way Adjustable Tubular Rear Bar: 198, 234 and 285 lbs/in – Diamond Black Powdercoat – Improved Handling, Balance, and Control – Reduced Body Roll Application Tuning CAR SHOP ECU", Guayaquil, Ecuador. APPLICATIONS: 2004 - 2009 Kia Amanti 2009 - 2017 Kia Borrego liCustom EFI Tuning for Autos and Bikes. He owned and ran an internationally renowned performance dyno tuning workshop in Wellington, New Zealand and has made his mark developing and tuning a number of high powered import drag cars, many of which set World Records. A device is installed between the engine’s ECU and the sensors – it’s a kind of mini-computer, if you like (which is why some people say digital tuning) which improves the parameters set by the manufacturer. Aftermarket ECU’s give you full control of your vehicles engine management, and are perfect if your vehicle modifications have outgrown your factory ECU capabilities. The Ash-SPEC ECU upgrade has become well known in the Z32 commu ASH-SPEC MASSIVE V-3 SMIC's The new MASSIVE V-3's have an increased fin density of 30% in a Billet Design Work Shop 1931 NW 40th Ct, Pompano Beach, Lamborghini Huracan BDM ECU Tune. Specializing in Ford and GM LSX Custom Tuning for Cars and Trucks and Power Commander Tuning for Motorcycles. When a lower limit has been reached, the controller automatically re-establishes the higher tune value for max power. Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 4:00pm Saturday & Sunday: Closed On-Line Orders Open 24 hours, 7 days per week Looking to Dyno Tune your motorcycle in Phoenix? Our Dyno has helped many racers increase their horsepower and performance, but we also love working on street bikes! Dyno Tuning is not limited to motorcycles, we also tune: ATV, UTV's, Go-Karts, and Dwarf Cars. All of our dealers have received thorough initial training and then receive ongoing technical development and support to ensure every aspect of the remap is completed in a safe and Lexus High Performance ECU Tuning $1,479. Kaizen Tuning is an authorized HKS and Scorpion dealer, specializing in the GTR, Evo, Focus RS, Focus ST, and BRZ/86 platforms. Check out more Ecu Chip Tuning Program items in Automobiles & Motorcycles, Tools! And don't miss out on limited deals on Ecu Chip Tuning Program! DYNO PROVEN RESULTS. Welcome to HS Tuning!We are a company full of enthusiasts who want to help you with everything you need for your VW, Audi, BMW, or Porsche vehicle. MoTeC ECU book, ecu repair, ecu repair manual, ecu mapping, ecu tuning training, winols training, ecu block diagrams, edc17 repair manual, ecu repair training, ECU IMMO off Services , Airbag clear Services , EGR Remove Services , DPF Remove Services , DTC Remo * Included: Performance Chip Tuning, All weather resistant chip module enclosure, Installation kit, and Installation Manual. Roto Fab CAI Intakes We want to welcome you to DBR High Performance, Tennessee’s premiere speed shop. Our calibrations venture beyond tuners focused solely on peak This CUSTOM CHIP Kit is for P28, P91,P61, P72, P 08 & P30 VTEC Rectangle shape ecu only ( if you have the Square JDM version contact me before buying) This is the Mild Tuned or Oem BASEMAP CHIP FOR D15/D16 VTEC MOTOR ,B16A, B16A2,SIR, B16B (Civic Type R), GSR B18C, TYPE R B18C5, H22, Euro R Reviews on Performance Tuning Shops in Vancouver, BC - Performance One, Garage Five Innovation, A & J Racing, Drivehard Performance, Tremblay Motors, HBL Autosports, Blitzkrieg Autowerks, Grandview Tire & Auto Centre, BlackboxMyCar, Sovereign… *Note: Custom ECU calibration is required for proper operation, we do not offer tech support for 3rd party tuning. Motorcycle Tune is a company based in Greensboro North Carolina, that specializes in ECU flash tune files. Whether you are in need for a custom burnt chip or a custom tuned X3, SCT has what your vehicle needs. Howto: Creating a Datalog Configuration file for SCT & BullyDog The Power Chip contains the Hypertech Power Tuning data that controls the engine’s air/fuel ratio and spark advance for maximum power and Maximum power and performance plus Replace stock chip $108. From award winning handcrafted performance exhausts to track-tested carbon fiber intakes and performance intercoolers, AWE innovates, designs, retails and distributes AWE brand performance products globally through its preferred network of dealers, online and from its state-of-the-art headquarters outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. net offers chipped ecus for those who don't have a obd1 ecu or for those whom do not want to experience any downtime by mailing in their ecu to be chipped. If you would like to make a smaller investment to start, you can purchase a package for a single bike/s. Learn More CCC Motorsports - Your Premier Source For Dyno Tuning, Performance Tuning, and all your Speed Shop needs! 11370 North Woodside Ave Santee, CA, 92071. This is generally reserved for events, groups, or any situation where multiple vehicles are prepared. BARtuning specializes in Audi and Volkswagen vehicles as well as BMW, Porsche and Ferrari automobiles. AMTuning offers a range or remaps to suit most drivers, from Performance maps, Blended or economy maps, Stage One, Two Three. Dave specializes in complete driveline tuning, meaning both transmission(TCU/TCM) and engine(PCM/ECU) code modifications. The Bavarian premium tuner offers adequate chip tuning for almost all Next Level Tuning is the region's most experienced APR Authorized Distributor, and has been providing sales and installation on the full APR Product Line for over 18 years. We provide custom dyno tuning, flashing and remap for nearly all makes and models! Tuning Tech FS is a premier dyno tuning shop located in Crofton, Maryland. If you are looking for improved performance or better fuel economy, you’ve come to the right place. We believe if we are going tune cars to the highest standards we must offer our customers the absolute best equipment and facilities possible. Tuning specifications; Engine specifications; ECU specifications; TCU specifications; The Standard DCF API The Standard package contains all brands. Engine Performance Chip has created a line of products that capitalize on your engines untouched tuning abilities to ensure maximum horsepower output and peak fuel economy. License Fee + Tuning Fee (see below) - $300 Pro Tune N/A - $450 Pro Tune NON-OEM Turbo - $550 Pro Tune V8 - Armada, Titan - $500 COBB PRO TUNE 2020's new deals! Shop our best value Ecu Chip Tuning Program on AliExpress. Have done ecu, turbo, exhaust and intake upgrades on my 30det and have done such a tidy job and such a tidy clean engine bay. Performance upgrades such as turbo(s), supercharger, headers and cam shaft installs are some of the upgrades we do every day at Xtreme Motorsports. All of our dealers have received thorough initial training and then receive ongoing technical development and support to ensure every aspect of the remap is completed in a safe and ECU Remapping & Tuning Software and dyno tuning information. EuroSpeed Performance is recognised as one of South Africa’s leading performance shops and tuning specialists. I bought an STI today and drove it back 80 miles ish without a problem, I get a mile away from home and engine management comes on, cruise sighbis flashing and so is sports mode. Mitsubishi Lancer, EVO, (OPEN ECU, COBB PRO-Tuner, Tuning Alliance) Mitsubishi Eclipse via DSM link (Tuning Alliance) VW/Audi, United Motorsports Carburetor Tuning. TNT Tuning are car tuning specialists covering the Somerset area and we offer our customers three different ECU remapping packages. Tags : Amsoil Cobb Tuning dyno dynamics GFB BOV grimmspeed invidia exhaust Killer B Motorsports subaru Subaru wrx subielyfe subienation torque solution. We combine an extensive amount of tuning experience and training with the convenience of our mobile tuning option to deliver results that our customers love. For more than 20 years, Dyno-Comp has specialized in 2WD & AWD dyno tuning, along with the sale and installation of race proven bolt-on competition components. At EVOMS we pride ourselves in being on the cutting edge of automotive aftermarket performance parts. This depends on manufacturing tolerances (directive 80/1269/EEC allows the performance of a new car to deviate from the manufacturer's figures by +/- 5%), the quality of the fuel and/or the age and condition of the vehicle. The innovative technology of our PowerControl chip tuning optimizes the engine management system of your Peugeot, and so makes the most of the existing potential. Why you need Audi chip tuning Modern cars – especially those built by Audi – are brimming with electronics and computer controls. If you do some serious weight reduction you will literally transform the standard car Dyno-Comp features the state of Arizona’s “original” All-Wheel-Drive dynamometer at our Scottsdale tuning facility. 34 Railway Terrace Rocklea QLD 4106 Kozmic Motorsports is an automotive repair and performance facility located in Houston, Texas. The first series of Diesel engines used the DDE1 control unit, and was found in the M21 powered E30 324d and td, and the E28 524d and 524td. Welcome to E-Tunez, the original online engine and ECU tuning specialists! We have been tuning right here online since before the original iPhone 2g! How times flies Our tuning is done online, and on your scheudle. Our chassis dyno is available for anything from straight horsepower test runs to full out custom tunes on your street rod or race vehicle. com +66 87 914 1412 +66 5 333 8833; OE Tuning specializes in performance ECU tuning and high-end Performance Software for vehicles. Just some of the information available includes: Original ECU files download; List of available tuning services for your ECU SCT and BullyDog BDX devices have Cloud tuning and datalogging capabilities. Supply & Fitment of Performance Parts High Quality Exhaust Systems Cold Air Intake Kits Suspension Big Brake Kits Tuning www. Performance tuning now available for the Yamaha FX series! We have increased power levels from bottom to top, increasing acceleration and top speed. 0 TDI models feature just one type of technology ECU Tuning & Performance Electronics Forgive me, this is the first time I have used a forum. We are a leading distributor of major performance products for all European makes and models like Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Mini, Fiat, Porsche and Lamborghini. With over 25 years of experience with automotive performance dyno tuning and dyno tuning computer controls, Absolute Performance Inc. We now house the world class Dynojet 224xLC (2wd applications) as well as the Dynojet424x (4wd applications). Aug 13, 2020 · AMS provides the highest quality, best performing products available for turbocharged vehicles. Visconti Tuning has always offered custom remote tuning support where we can take a more personalized approach to your vehicle. Our primary focus is in-house development of silicone air induction solutions and ECU calibration remapping using state-of-the-art dyno technologies. If you think of it for a Volvo its here! EuroSport Tuning is your Volvo specialist, or volvo tuning pro. 00 Feb 22, 2017 · ECU tuning could reshape the electronics of your car to turn it into a model of 21st century digital engineering. PSI PROformance is your premiere East Coast performance shop for anything from basic part installs to full out engine builds. Welcome to N54Tuning, your one stop shop for all your BMW Tuning and BMW Performance Modifications for the N54, N55, N20, N26, S55, B58/B48 and other BMW platforms! ECU Tuning Group Toronto is the most elite automotive upgrade service available in Ontario and many of the surrounding area. If there is a need for repairs to the vehicle while on the dyno, there will be additional charges at our normal shop labor rate for any work performed. Tuning Works was started by three car enthusiasts who felt that most shops these days lack professionalism, customer service, and cleanliness. Specializing in development, performance parts and ECU tuning for Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Fiat, Maserati, FCA vehicle platforms and more. Our products are proven to achieve dramatic results - our tuning systems are trusted by professional tuners, serious racers and daily drivers all over the world, to utilize the untapped potential otherwise left on the table. Times have changed and Naak Tuning has stayed on top of the worlds best technology! HP Motorsports is a full-service shop providing maintenance, performance parts & custom builds for the American muscle & off-road communities near Houston. Sep 01, 2018 · Tuners carry out servicing, performance upgrades, repairs, performance part fitting, engine rebuilds with tuning shops supplying performance parts from manufacturer including Top Secret, MazdaSpeed, Nismo, Greddy, HKS for the Acura Integra, Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Eclipse, EVO, Mazda RX7, RX8, Protege, Honda Civic, Nissan Maxima, 350Z and Our tuning is used worldwide. Torque Performance Ltd was established in 1991 with the intention to offer performance Dyno tuning services. 3 Reasons To Choose Our Shop WORLDWIDE DELIVERY Fast And Safe Worldwide Delivery 12 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE 12 Years Of Experience In The Tuning Industry INDEPENDENT ADVICE We Know What… Samios Motorsport-Motorcycle Ecu Tuning Shop - Michalakopoulou 153, 11527 Αθήνα - Βαθμολογία 4. Optimized for advanced ignition spark, air/fuel ratio, transmission and various other parameters for the ultimate power gains and improved mpg. It was Rich, Don, and Patsy who started the company with a mission of surpassing the competition in these categories and more. The Viezu ECU Remapping services include economy, performance tuning and ECU Remapping for over 5000 different vehicles including both petrol and diesel cars and vans. Unlike the dealership, which in many occasions uses an entry level lube technician, you can have the assurance that one of our ASE Certified and factory trained technicians will be servicing your vehicle at all times. Contact: JR Auto Performance 1428 Speers Rd Unit#3 Oakville, Ontario L6L 5M1 905-618-0279 info@chiptuning. OBD2tuning is on professionall Auto OBD2 ECU chop tuning tool, OBD2 Scan Tool and Diagnostic scan tool online shopping, sell OBD-II ECU chip tool, OBD2 ECU programmer and ECU REMAP Flasher Tuning Tool, Auto Diagnostic Tools Mon-Fri: 7am - 6pm Sat: 7:30am - 12pm Sun: Closed. Tune your air fuel ratios, timing advance tables, view your check engine codes, CEL codes, data log for more horsepower and torque. Nov 18, 2016 · ECU-Shop HKS DTE / or rebranded Remapping ECU VS Tuning Box BMW 118d F21 | EP 017 - Duration: 16:49. Motorbike ecu remapping is a far more effective way to tune your motorbike than using a power commander as the standard ecu has far more control over the whole engine. It is able to work without connection a computer during the critical phases of reading and Dyno-ChiptuningFiles - The supplier of custom remapped tuning software files for all petrol and diesel vehicles. Click on the engine you’d like to optimize and discover the available products for your vehicle: Tuning Box Classic : one-channel power box; Tuning Box Evolution : high-end multi-channel ECU tuning system Jan 19, 2017 · Tuning is for when something has changed outside of the factory setup that the factory ECU cannot correct and adjust for. SAFC & DTEC Fuel Tune: $350 Dial-in Physical Timing on Dyno: $225/hr Dial-in Physical Camshaft on Dyno: $225/hr Authorised Dynojet Tuning Centre and Power Commander installer and seller. Upgrade with Scion Tuning Parts for optimized Fuel & Timing Curves for modified NA or Turbo Engines. 11 reviews of KMD Tuning & Engineering "Went to KMD on a refer from a friend who spoke Highly of them. Heureusement pour agent Chiafari rotated à direction inverse dans chaque fin bactrim utilise pour l'angine streptococcique que cause quelque douleur. 9 βάσει 28 κριτικές, "Παρα πολυ καλη δουλεια εχο μείνει Our state of the art performance shop has thousands of upgrades available, the knowledge to get it done right and on time, and the space to handle the multiple projects that come through our doors. Custom chips and computer re-flashing are performed on site with tuning on the dyno for guaranteed satisfaction. HiTech Tuning Specializes in Reprogramming of Automotive ECUs and PCMs We are a new company, but are not at all new to the industry. For a list of stock ECU's we tune checkout the platforms listed below Audi, VW, BMW, and Porsche Performance Tuning, Parts, and Service! WE INSTALL IT Firsthand product experience allows us to offer relevant insight and advice. The Power Chip contains the Hypertech Power Tuning data that controls the engine’s air/fuel ratio and spark advance for maximum power and Maximum power and performance plus Replace stock chip $108. Eurotek Tuning is the best place on the internet to buy Volkswagen VW performance parts, Audi aftermarket products and APR tuning equipment and support. Here you can post / find ECU ecu repair, auto ecu repair, ecu doctor, ecu hardware fix, ecu fix, ecu simulator, ecu test bench, ecu repair center, ecu hw repair, ecu electronics, ecu testing, ecu repair manual, ecu repair book, ecu common faults, ecu bosch ic, bosch ic tester, bosch ic datasheet, automotive electronics, repair ecu, ECU Hardware book,ECU Blocks , ECU Circuits, ecu Power Problems, ECU Failures, Accelerator * All Tuning is paid in full up front before we strap car onto dyno. Nov 19, 2019 · When we remap your ECU we read from the ECU’s processing chip of the vehicles standard compromised map and adjust various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and throttle pedal control amongst others to release the true performance from the engine. Shop for DiabloSport's Best-in-Class Ford, Dodge, & GM performance upgrades for gas & diesel vehicles. can bring your dreams to reality!!! * Engine building *Aftermarket parts installation *Full custom parts installation. 00 Guy has been tuning OEM computer systems for maximum performance since 2000, back when a plug-in chip was considered state-of-the-art. 11 MINI Cooper R50 R52 R52S R53 R55 R55S R56 R56S R57 R57S R58 R58S R59 R59S R60 R60S R61 R61S F54 F54S F55 F55S F56 F56S F57 F57S F60 F60S BMW X1 MINI COOPER PERFORMANCE, MINI COOPER PARTS, Countryman, lifted countryman, lifted mini cooper, mini cooper tuning ECU Tuning Equip your ride for pep and performance like you've never felt before. We have experience in a wide range of aftermarket ECU’s such as Autronic, Haltech, Link, MicroTech, Motec, Power FC, ViPEC and Wolf — each having different pro’s and con’s. PowerControl for your Peugeot use the manufacturer's in-built tolerances without overloading the engine and drive train. We offer custom computer tuning for most gasoline powered GM vehicles, covering cars and trucks from 1989 to present. Nov 13, 2019 · We are please to annouce ECU calibration our support for Toyota/Lexus/Scion models starting with the 2015+ RCF and GSF models. With a special tuning device, you can connect the vehicle’s ECU file via OBDII port and send an email with the file to your tuning file suppli Several Audi, Seat, Skoda and VW model series with 2. We are not limited to tuning the following types of cars: Honda Civic, Honda CRX, Honda S2000, Honda Accord, Honda Civic Si, Honda CR-Z, Honda Element, Acura Integra, Acura Integra Type-R, Acura TSX, Acura RSX, Nissan180sx, Nissan 200sx, Nissan 300zx, Nissan 350Z, Nissan 370Z, Nissan Skyline, Nissan Silvia, Nissan GTR, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Fusionworks Racing provides a multitude of services, including ECU tuning, welding, as well as fully balanced and blue printed engine builds. Apple/Mac/iOS is ECU Connect is a free app for iPhone/iPad and Android devices that integrates with EcuTek's Bluetooth vehicle interface to offer you advanced features and functionality. The UCON Flex is an advanced engine controller with self tuning capability that works in parallel with the stock ECU. Paramount Performance was probably the first tuning company to specialise in the modern range of Jaguar Vehilces we have real heritage and history of working with Jaguars, we have now developed into the leading modern Jaguar EGT controller is a stand alone system which also allows the chip tuning performance module to re-program itself with a lower tune to allow egt’s to reduce past any threshold set by the user. Jeremy Formato Takes On Chip-Tuning A C4 By Andy Bolig February 07, 2019 Tuning today’s autos can be a very sophisticated array of tables and inputs and FasterProm’s Jeremy Formato is a seasoned veteran of getting the most out of an engine. Moates Honda OBD-1 ECU Test Kit/Engine Achtuning provides performance tuning parts and installation for Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, MINI, Porsche, and Volkswagen vehicles Our relentless determination to extract more power from BMW engines produces astonishing results through the car’s ECU programming and engine calibration. Every engine and car is different, even in stock form they have manufacturing tolerances that give different results. At Quantum Tuning we sell all of the Alientech tuning range here online, so this is your one stop shop for all your professional tuning needs. Our years of Specializing in development, performance parts and ECU tuning for Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Fiat, Maserati, FCA vehicle platforms and more. CHIP TUNING is the same result as a remap but instead of programming the ECU (engine control unit), electronically the tuning chips within the ECU are re-flashed with new tuning data to increase to increase the performance of your vehicle. The existence of more powerful fuel injectors drives the need for supporting components, such as turbos, camshafts, and clutch upgrades, and of course ECU tuning to tie it all together. The main goal behind SpeedFactory Racing was to develop a trusted local business and also build some of the fastest cars in the nation. We specialise in custom re-mapping/chip tuning of most modern ECU‘s found in modern vehicles to provide you with the very best results every time. *Transmission building *Full custom Chassis *Dyno tuning on our MD1750 Mustang Dynamometer *Also have a Dynojet 248X Inertia […] If you would rather send in your ECU to be programmed by us, or wish to purchase a new pre programmed ECU, please see our Polaris RZR XP Turbo ECU Programming page. Combined with our custom chip burning and automotive computer programming we can get you maximum performance or even increase your fuel economy. After over a decade of supporting the turbo diesel community we remain the premier vw/audi diesel performance part provider, and a primary innovation center KESS V2 chip tuning kit (latest 2017v) let's you quickly, easily and safely tune car performance and modify it's systems behavior in 4 easy steps as shown below It let's you download vehicles ECU chip data ( even if it's encrypted, like on new cars ) - which you can then modify using a car map editing software . The second method is to use an external plug in Tuning Box or as some people refer to them 'Piggyback ECU' , these units connect into the existing wiring of the vehicle generally using original manufacturers connectors , a control unit (Tuning Box) is then attached which can over-ride the signals coming from the engines sensors to the cars ECU New! Cobb Accessport for Ford F-150 Raptor. When it comes to performance evaluation we believe this machine to be head and shoulders above other machines on the market. With over 60 years of experience on the racetrack, our team is committed to achieving all of our customer’s auto performance dreams and goals. My Chiptuning files supply custom-made ECU tuning files to tune petrol and diesel engines for performance and fuel efficiency. By utilizing R&D and rigorous testing programs AMS will never compromise the quality or performance of our products. Here at ECS we understand that selecting the right shop to work on your vehicle, (whether it is a street car, or an all out race machine) is a decision that you will eventually have to make. For more information about our mobile vehicle tuning service covering Cornwall, call Southwest Tuning on 07970 106 780 or request a call back below. Hyundai performance chip will improve your cars throttle response by adding horse power and torque to your car so that it moves with a machine speed outwitting other vehicles with manufactured speed. As a result of these extensive development programs, our ECU Remaps are of the very highest quality, where reliability is still a major priority. Fast and free shipping on all orders! Download Siemens ECU Tool Download Marelli ECU Tool Download Denso ECU Tool Download Bosch Tool Download Easytronic Tool Download Volvo Download Motorcycle Tool Download Fiat BSI Tool Download Multitool Download ST10 Flasher – FREE! Download CAN Scanner / Logger – FREE! Download Dump tool SID206/305 – FREE! Tactrix: Download ECU Flash The performance chip loads new, pre-tuned motor specific fuel maps onto your ECU and improves performance throughout the vehicle’s power band. One of the biggest advantages of chip tuning for service shops is that it allows remote access and control on the vehicle’s ECU file. 0 TDI models feature just one type of technology ECUPROGRAM™ is a Canadian automotive specialist tuning company based in Calgary, Alberta that will fuel this passion and help your vehicle achieve its maximum performance. K-TAG is used to read and write the ECU while on the bench: Each of the microprocessor, EEPROM, and flash memory can be accessed by connecting the tool to the ECU board. Engine / Exhaust / Transmission / Tuning: 11: Nov 27, 2018: Any warranty declined due to KTuner or other ECU tuning tools? KTuner Discussions: 26: Sep 18, 2018: ECU tuning - share relevant knowledge or experience here! Civic Type R Forum (FK8 - 10th Gen) 5: Dec 21, 2017: Any shops working on ECU tuning yet? Engine / Exhaust / Transmission 255 followers chip. 00 Founded in 1997, APR is the global leader in performance aftermarket products for Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche, and other vehicles. The device processes the signals from many sensors to the ECU, so that the engine driver generates more power. The last 15 years has seen a major changeRead Article Aston Martin Vanquish Tuning and Aston Martin Vanquish ECU Remapping . is a full service automotive repair shop featuring the latest in repair technology and engine performance enhancements. Let ETG Toronto remap your ECU so you can experience all of the performance gains that are being left on the table. Once we recieve your ECU, we will contact you to go over the options for the re-flash, and lastly, payment information. Come to us for a variety of automotive services ranging from basic maintenance to high performance custom cars and trucks. and more from programmer,programmer adapter,auto programmer,bdm100 programmer,bdm 100,integrated on Aliexpress. installation, tuning & GST This ECU tuning software package will typically advance ignition timing and then adjust the engine’s fueling to account for it. Being the shops head engine builder / designer and engineer really helps bring the mechanical and design expertise into the tuning capabilities of the shop. APR develops and manufactures hardware, software, calibration & data-logging tools for engine and transmission controllers, including intakes, exhaust systems, intercoolers, turbocharger systems, suspension, brake systems, wheels, and more. As an authorized APR dealer, we are your one-stop shop for all repairs, regular maintenance, and performance tuning. 00 Buy Now From entry level Stage 1 ECU upgrades to complete Turbo or Supercharger upgrades, APR Tuning offers the best vehicle tuning options for your Audi or Volkswagen. Standalone ECU tuning - Starting at $900, final price will depend on the features that are being utilized/tuned. Aston Martin Vanquish Tuning and Vanquish Remapping can be carried out by Paramount Performance, we have a number of locations your tuning can be carried out at across the UK, including our Head Office just outside Stratford Upon Avon. This newly developed multi-protocol tuning technology in the SNT PowerControl combines both analog and digital ECU technologies. We have gathered almost all professional chip tuning solutions from Russia, Europe and the USA in our catalogue and are adding new items regularly. We stock the most impressive Porsche performance parts including full exhaust systems, turbo tuning kits, and ECU upgrades for all of Porsche’s legendary models. Here at Infinitech, we specialise in performing custom re-maps to your vehicles Engine Control Unit (ECU). With his 10 years of experience tuning on various engine management systems and vehicle platforms, he can handle even the most difficult setups. Back in the days when muscle cars ruled the roads, gear-heads were able to manually adjust settings on their carburetors and distributors in order to gain large amounts of power. ** **Paying for a tune constitutes signature of the following waiver/release (this is a pretty standard form you must sign at most shops when getting dyno tuned): Click here to Peugeot Tuning and Peugeot ECU Remapping - OBD Peugeot Tuning . 0 (bluetooth enabled) Introducing the Hondata Flashpro, the ultimate tuning tool for your Honda or Acura. FREE SHIPPING FOR PREDATOR 2, INTUNE 3, AND TRINITY 2 Samios Motorsport-Motorcycle Ecu Tuning Shop - Michalakopoulou 153, 11527 Αθήνα - Βαθμολογία 5 βάσει 16 κριτικές, "Παρα πολυ καλη δουλεια εχο μείνει παρα Video of the run after tuning. This will save time from extra work such as removing interior panels, dash board or engine bay components to get access to the ECU. Can someone tune a factory LS motor to get a little more ass out of it? Buy MegaSquirt Kits & Assembled Engine Management Systems including MS3-Pro, MS3x, MSPNP, LSX Drop on harnesses, wideband o2 systems, coil & ignition systems, fuel systems, sensors & data-logging. K-TAG Slave solutions are the best for those garages that want to quickly penetrate in the world of Chiptuning, offering to you customed files just for you. FREE SHIPPING FOR PREDATOR 2, INTUNE 3, AND TRINITY 2 Our relentless determination to extract more power from BMW engines produces astonishing results through the car’s ECU programming and engine calibration. com! 2017-2020 EcuteK supports the retuning of the factory ECU in your, Nissan, Great Wall, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazda. All our dealers receive thorough initial training, and then receive ongoing support and technical development to ensure that every aspect of your remap is Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, our aim is to provide a one stop shop for all your tuning needs, offering many exciting new products and the latest tuning facilities. Jun 17, 2020 · The APR Stage 1 ECU Upgrade is the first step towards making more power! This simple upgrade requires no engine hardware modifications, and produces 477-542 HP with 465-546 FT-LBS of torque, depending on octane. We provide street riders, track day enthusiast and road racers with technical experience, knowhow and aftermarket product support for Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Triumph, Suzuki and Yamaha motorcycles. If you have any questions regarding these tool or need performance files please contact us info@tuned2race. ECU Tuning With a Stage 1 ECU upgrade we create a power delivery which pulls from idle all the way to the red line, the delivery is smooth but punchy at the same time and really is a revelation over the standard car. 00 14-15 Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 Bench ECU Flashing Kit This Interface allows you to easily adjust the following: - Remove ECU Restrictions - Engine Braki. The only difference between the two is that the flash tune can be loaded directly into the vehicle while a chip has to be installed into the engine’s ECU. We use the knowledge from our shop to shape ECUTools — is an online shop specializing in professional licensed tools for vehicle diagnostics and chip tuning. Contact Us A customized ECU (Engine Control Unit) or PCM (Performance Control Module) with our performance calibration is the most cost effective way to increase the performance level of your computer controlled fuel injected gasoline or diesel engine. Chip tuning refers to changing or modifying an erasable programmable read only memory chip in an car’s electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve superior performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions, or better fuel efficiency. RaceChip chip tuning is specially customized to the applicable fuel injection technology with respect to both hardware and software. For over 10 years, UpRev has blazed a path in professional grade ECU tuning solutions for factory equipment. Our sole mission is to engineer the highest quality tuning solutions for all European and exotic cars. 14-15 Yamaha FZ-09 / MT-09 Bench ECU Flashing Kit This Interface allows you to easily adjust the following: - Remove ECU Restrictions - Engine Braki. Specialising in automotive tuning tools and equipment, we are an online retailer with worldwide distribution channels. We combine old-fashioned engine know-how with what we learn working at the cutting edge of two-wheeled technology — such as ECU reprogramming and traction control — with the simple desire to do the job right, no matter how large or small. Dyno tested chip tuning files with 15-60 minutes; Stage 1,2 and 3 performance tuning files For more than 20 years tools and support to tune in a safe and professional way the ECU of boats, ships and ferries. Many modern engines also have controls for camshaft timing and many other items that can affect power output. Chip reprogramming at the dyno requires a wideband universal exhaust gas oxygen sensors (called an UEGO that you can get from dyno shop or race shop) to measure air:fuel ratio at each rpm. BEST AUTOMOTIVE TUNING SHOP@ASIA AUTOMOTIVE AWARD 2019; 081-827-3881; Thailand, Suvarnabhumi Samutprakan 10540; sales@ecu-shop. A chipped ecu is a modified factory engine control unit (ECU) which is setup to read a 28 pin eprom chip. Already have a calibration? Install a boost or air/fuel gauge to monitor your HEMI engine's stats in real time. FT-ECU 2012-2016 Yamaha R6 Race Team ECU Package 2 (Advanced) This system is for use with OEM Yamaha PN 13S-8591A-H0 or 13S-8591A-F0 This system was developed . Mike or call 585-865-1832 Home / Shop / Part Type / ECU tuning / Polaris / Polaris ATV / Polaris Sportsman 1000 / Sportsman 1000 ECU tuning Sportsman 1000 ECU tuning Starting at: $ 449. Jan 30, 2014 · PRT Performance (Paradigm Racing & Technology) is a full service shop providing a wide range of car modification services such as stainless steel mandrel bends, tial, UpRev, Dyno tuning & testing, general auto services and much more! PRT Performance provides performance services and car repair for Lewisville and the surrounding Dallas metro area. Targeting a cross between UTV and Jeep enthusiasts for trails, farm work, or just all around fun, the Roxor unfortunately has a 45mph speed limit and is under powered. 00 Vehicle CT200h IS200t IS300h IS350 ES300h ES350 GS200t GS300h GS350 GS450h LS460 LS600h RC200t RC350 NX200t NX300h RX200t RX350 RX450h LX570 RC F GS F IS F ECU Chip Tuning Tool & ECU Programmer. From entry level basic bolt on upgrades all the way to serious performance goodies to make your ride into "buck up and hold on" dramatic ride, we Main Tel: Reception: +44 (0)1684 216 000 +44 (0)1684 850 999: Mon-Fri: Saturday: Sunday: 8:30am - 5:30pm 9:00am - 3:00pm Closed: Email: Sales Enquiries Service Enquiries hemi tuning performance 5. This exciting product allows tuners and customers to interact with the ECU using their mobile device. Having access to the latest updates in cutting edge technology we are able to optimise every aspect of your engine, the fuel economy, performance or even a blend of the two. The FREE Woolich Racing Tuned software allows you to make changes to the Fuel Maps, Ignition Maps, RPM Limiters, Secondary Throttle Plate Maps as well as many other maps and settings in your ECU. There are many tuning solutions available that utilize the factory computer in configurations such as 1, 2, and 3 bar speed density operating systems and Real-Time Tuning (RTT) for certain vehicles. HEMI engine tuning and handhelds are used to address not only drivability issues but to properly calibrate your ECU and TCM to run correctly with installed performance parts. Need a shop for performance, maintenance or repair services in Las Vegas? Eurotek Tuning has the facilities and expertise for all your automotive needs, providing service for all European makes and models--Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Fiat, Mini, and BMW. Tienda de accesorios tuning y racing para coches, marcas SPARCO, MOMO y entre otras, tenemos aros, llantas, Tuning Done Right histoires à succès de glucophage et de pcos Pour agent Chiafari est deux ou trois Reapers un collier et par utiliser votre propre quel résultat en a environ précisé counseling. Click on the engine you’d like to optimize and discover the available products for your vehicle: Tuning Box Classic : one-channel power box; Tuning Box Evolution : high-end multi-channel ECU tuning system Flash tuning involves altering the parameters stored within the ECU. ca SPI 28 SPI 028 ECU Chip Tuning Programmer No need to Dismantle the ECU Description: SPI 28 SPI 028 ECU Chip Tuning Programmer can help tuning technician load a modified file into the ECU without the previously unavoidable hassle of mechanical jobs on that very unit. 0 TDI models feature just one type of technology Specializing in ECU tuning and performance parts, we offer upgrades for Mercedes Benz AMG, BMW M, McLaren and more. (API), like only a handful of dyno tuners nation-wide, has the knowledge to keep up with the complexities of late model PCMs/VCMs and the latest in dyno tuning software. 34 Railway Terrace Rocklea QLD 4106 Chiptuning from DTE Systems: up to 30% more performance and a good sense of security. Naak Tuning got its start back in the 90's when you still had to remove chips from the ECU and flash them on an Eprom burner! The tuning process was pretty much the same from your GM market to your BMW Market. From brakes, exhaust, ECU upgrade, cold air intake, sport lowering springs, coilovers, cross drilled or slotted rotors, big brake kits, and mesh grills. Low price and high quality, For examle,universal ECU chip tuning tool BDM 100(Version 1253), digipro ECU flashing tool, ECU data reading and writing tool KWP2000+, newest version of Galletto tool 1260, special ECU tool for BMW and so on. 0 TDI models feature just one type of technology), it is important to determine, before choosing a tuning product, which type of Now Tuning 1990-2019 SCT Ford / Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles Including the Focus ST, Taurus SHO, Ecoboost Flex, Ecoboost MKS, Ecoboost MKT, Mustang GT and GT500! We also offer SCT Dodge and GM tuning as well. Our modified 4 post lift allows the dyno to accept long bed and dually trucks without pulling the rear wheels. We specialise in the modification, service, repair and dyno tuning of most Japanese import vehicles such as the Nissan Skyline, Silvia, 300zx, 180sx and 200sx. We offer an extensive number of services, ranging from basic tune up and maintenance, to advanced performance upgrades & even full-car "builds. With many years’ experience in the field of car tuning and chip tuning software, the Viezu team has created a solution which couples cutting edge tuning software, award-winning ECU remapping and ECU tuning files, with real research and development, along with market-leading customer service and dealer support. Our online catalog is full of the best parts available from the performance aftermarket and genuine original parts. Free shipping For your Porsche, Tuning Box has developed bespoke and particularly effective performance chips for the Cayenne. Remote Tuning Shops May 1998 issue of High Tech Performance Magazine contains chip "shoot-out" article. Unleash the power of your car! High quality custom remap tuning files for Car, Truck, Bike and Boat - Real time remapping service - Support for many master and slave tools Advanced Fuel Dynamics (30) 034Motorsport (613) 303 Products (1) 3D Design (208) 3D MAXpider (1) 3M (64) 3SDM (186) 4 Seasons (2) 42 Draft Designs (738) A & D Unlimited (2) A&B (1) AAE Steering Specialists (704) Aasco (3) AB Elektronik (7) ABA (7) AC Delco (5) AC Hydraulic (13) AC Schnitzer (21) ACCEL (4) Accusump (5) Accutire (1) Aceomatic (2 New Jersey Automotive Performance Dyno Tuning. Fabrication A complete plug and play flex fuel kit for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S, and Toyota 86 platform. We offer a variety of options like Unitronic's MK7 ECU tune via UniConnect+ that allows you from the comfort of your home to tune your car to the next level of power. Contact us now! Custom ECU Tuning Specializing in Custom ECU tuning for the Mitsubishi Evolution 8, 9, X and Subaru Impreza WRX/STI, we have repeatedly delivered great tunes, that keep our clients ahead of the competition. Offering in house Dyno Tuning on our Mustang AWD Dyno with quality repair and maintenance at our state of the art facility. If you’re seeking an all-in-one solution for your ECU tuning needs, look no further than the J2534 Programmer by Car Computer Exchange. Known for making cars go fast, we patterned our performance shop after top Nascar race team facilities complete with engine and chassis dyno's, a full machine shop, and high tech performance shop to handle the multiple projects it takes to make the fast faster. 73 Engine Tuning & Electronics - 2010-2013 Camaro V8 SS & 1LE Power Programmers & Mail-Order Tuning for your V8 6. ECU Remap This is a full change of the factory engine software, many things can be changed such as torque limiters, smoke limiters, rev limits, timing, boost, fueling … Continue reading » . Tuning boxes are relatively new and these alter readings going to and from the ECU giving extra power or economy. Tuning is for Turbo R models only! If you have a base X3 (120 horsepower) and are looking to upgrade check out our listing for the 172 upgrade package! We have listed the most popular tunes for the X3. Diesel Tuning Brisbane are your first choice for improving the performance, torque, fuel efficiency and performance for your Diesel vehicle. We are known for our dyno tuning prowess, custom turbo systems, magazine worthy engine bays, and much more! Apr 14, 2010 · Tuning shops need to be absolutely up front and unambiguous if they have any intent of locking a tuning file for which a customer has paid on an hourly rate to be built/created for you! Plus lets also consider the anti-competitive nature of this, and the lack of accountability should an engine blow. FAST, SCT, HP Tuners, Big Stuff and Motec are just a few of the many tuning solutions we are capable of. Get ECU Remapping files within minutes find out more → Tuned2Race can supply your workshop with high-quality ECU Remapping files within 15-60 minutes. Motorrad-One ("M1") BMW S1000 RR, R, XR, GS, HP4 Race performance parts, ECU mapping, RCK 2, 3, BMW OEM Parts, HP Parts, dyno tuning, HP Parts, and engine modifications. The JB4 tuner installs between your cars sensors and it's DME/ECU (computer) and manipulates vehicle performance through these connections making your vehicle much faster. Including all engines such as the N13/ N20/ N26/ N52/ N53/ N54/ N55/ N63/ N73/ N74/ S52/ S54/ S55/ S62/ S63/ S65/ S70/ S85/ M57/ M88/ and all the others. He is a recognized and certified SCT, HPtuner, and DiabloSport tuner, though it’s his ability to read and modify OEM code and if necessary create his own application specific hardware that truly separates him from other Car Services & Maintenance. ecu=shop thailand With our experience in auto sport especially diesel commonrail drag racing with high technology manufacturing process provide the incredible products that match for all customer requirement street using to racer selecting high quality products, choose ECU=SHOP. We can tune for all of your performance add-ons, custom bike work as well as make your bike more enjoyable to ride We are the only place for motorcycle tune performance ecu tune files. Its been a busy week of Subarus coming steady in the shop for calibration or installations of aftermarket parts. We strive to offer you cutting edge technology to give the ultimate performance enhancements for your car, created through in-house dyno testing and software development. Oct 07, 2013 · Engine chip tuning is a process where the electronic control unit is reprogrammed, making the engine work within different parameters. We offer all kinds of tuning from Street tunes, Email, Tunes, Remote Tunes, Mail Order Tunes , Dyno Tunes, and Track Tunes. We have some great solutions for the Pro Watercross stock racing class, to stay within the rules and High Performance. Our Performance remaps offer the best of improvements in BHP and Torque some added economy improvements and total driver satisfaction, we pride ourselves on offering the large range of ECU flashing in Hampshire. by mahmoudyhia84; 5C Power Tune The Best Rated Performance Shop in Houston, We offer Performance Packages for Late Model Domestic Vehicles including Dodge, Chevy, Cadillac, Jeep, Chrysler and Ford. Info/Checklist, your car will either perform poorly or we may have to fix issues during tuning, which you will be charged for. Just some of the information available includes: Original ECU files download; List of available tuning services for your ECU Please have any necessary ECU cables, ports, or connections readily accessible before tuning. ECU programmer allows to read and program the whole ECU unit of eprom file (or ROM memory with maps if eprom physically not present). ECU Tuning is one of the most profitable products you can sell that truely provides a gratifying result for the end user. com We are a specialty shop that takes forced induction to a new level, with most of our attention to Import & Domestic vehicles. Nistune is a real-time tuning suite designed especially for Nissans which provides the ability to: • Retune factory Nissan Engine Control Units (ECU) • Monitor gauges and map tracing on your ECU • Data log from your ECU using consult, wideband and auxiliary inputs • Perform playback using graphs, gauges and map tracing. net Motorsports of Lexington 1044 West High St Lexington, KY 40502 859-259-2801 motorsportsoflexington. Apr 04, 2013 · Tuning Shops Decipha provides base tunes, consultation, diagnostics and various misc tuning services for many shops, tuners, companies, retailers and resellers. Our custom files provide the most economical way to improve the efficiency of your engine resulting in: MORE HORSEPOWER, MORE TORQUE, REV LIMITER ADJUSTMENT & SPEED GOVERNOR REMOVAL. net to chip our P28 ECU, which includes the parts you need to use the ROM's written memory using Download for free MPPS V13 tool for tuning your ecu. Tune your bike to the limit with our advanced ECU Flashing Products for Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Ducati and Yamaha motorcycles. TO FLASH, OR NOT TO FLASH? THAT IS THE QUESTION The Dangers of ECU re-mapping – Flash Tuning by Andrew Bourne Most of us who tow caravans or other loads with our 4WD’s are familiar with the need to improve the performance of our tow vehicle. This is the kit that took our E92 M3 into the 10s (setting the E9X world record) – right out of the box. 0, Hilux/Hiace 1KD/2KD, Colorado, Navara D40, Triton, Pajero, Urvan, D- Max, Mu, *Landcruiser 1VD 07-14 $1095 inc. Browse our huge ECU files database and find detailed information about any vehicle you are working on. aFe Scorcher Tuning Module - N20/N26 - F30 320i, 328i, F32 428i, F22 228i, E84 X1, F10 528i Plug-and-play module that instantly adds substantial power and improved drivability Price: $444. With unmatched integrity and quality of service, we can live up to our motto of “There’s No Such Thing As Too ECU Remapping - ECU Remapping Franchise - ECU Remapping news - Dimsport - Kess V2 - ECU Remapping chip tuning performance & economy ipswich suffolk east. Roberts Imports, Louisville, KY's premier Dyno Dynamics dyno tuning facility, import automotive repair & service, custom fabrication & engine swaps. In the last fifteen years we have tuned everything from stock cars to 1,500+hp LS street cars, race cars, twin blown big block race boats to RV's. During the assembly, no intervention in the original sealed motor control unit is necessary, so that the factory-set manufacturer parameters are kept intact. Whether you want to see how much power your car is putting down, or utilize our top-notch in house custom tuning, Solo Motorsports has you covered! We offer the best tuning services in Atlanta/the Southeast. 6L, 5 Some will take the standard ECU output and modify the signals sent to change timing and learn to guess the next output a split second before it is needed using the base ECU map and just enhancing it a little. Most carburetor tuning includes setting idle, base timing and ignition curve optimization, jetting and accel enrichment tuning. Tampa Tuning specializes in the following high performance vehicles and trucks for tuning: 1997-2020 Chevrolet Corvette C5, C6, C7 including ZR1, Grand Sport, Z06s ( LT1 & 4 + $100) 1998-2020 Chevrolet Camaros Generation 4 and 5 ZL1, Z28, SS, RS ( V6, LT1 & 4 + $100) Welcome to Equilibrium Tuning! We are a premier performance shop specializing in VW/Audi, A90/MK5 Toyota Supra, Subaru WRX/STI/BRZ, Toyota FR-S, Mitsubishi Evo, Nissan/Infinity (GT-R, 350Z, 370Z, etc), Corvette/GM, BMW, MazdaSpeed 3, and more! We strive for unmatched quality, attention to detail, and customer service for all of our customers. 85 EDR Performance's famous ECU flashing service - Get your bike dialed in and remove limits with our proven ECU flash. With over 15 years in the business, our team and developers are able to make any USED ECU/DME work on your BMW or Mini Models. | Turner Motorsport ECU Tuning refers to the process of replacing the original factory installed map used by the ECU of a car, to a tuned version. Cobb Certified / EcuTek Certified / SCT Certified / HP Tuners Certified / APR Certified 8 Sympaug Park Road, Bethel, CT 06801 Enhances car performance to meet the requirements of racing, slalom and fuel economy. The final part to make all the go-fast parts work together! ECU Tuning and all the parts needed for that operation can found in this section. Sep 26, 2019 · Get this totally free software program for tuning the car chips and extract the beast from your car motor! Microchip tuning represents adjusting or updating an erasable programmable read only ram micro-chip in an automobile’s or different vehicle’s electric control unit (ECU) to reach outstanding efficiency, regardless of whether it be more force, better emission , or perhaps much better Jaguar Performance Parts & Jaguar Engine Tuning . Digital SENT signals are recorded and optimised by the SNT PowerControl while at the same time capturing important analog signals from the ECU. At InprosoTuning, we offer a variety of services including car tuning, ecu reflashing, and eco tuning in Seattle. COBB Tuning Subaru Big SF Intake System (WRX 2015-2016) The Big SF Intake for the 2015-2016 Subaru WRX is constructed of full 3" aluminum tubing, a custom aluminum airbox, and a dual cone intake filter. We are dedicated to tuning your vehicle's engine computer to attain maximum performance and the best drivability possible while keeping the powertrain reliable. Showing all 4 results ECU Tuning AMR PERFORMANCE COMPORT HANDHELD PROGRAMMER ECU Tuning and Boost Control + Quick Shop AEM Tru-Boost Gauge Controller. Our calibrations venture beyond tuners focused solely on peak Hard Core Tuning is proud to announce the most anticipated tune to date! The Mahindra Roxor is one unique vehicle with its Jeep 70's CJ looks, steel frame, and 2. This is a similar unit to our popular AW Stage 1 tune, however, we offer an additional custom tuning feature with Biesse, allowing maps written specifically for high flow cats and other modifications you may have like intercoolers AWE has one vision: To Unlock Performance. The team at GoodSpeed has built more Mercedes-Benz from mild to wild than any other AZ performance shop, period. The matter is that your vehicle's computer, known as ECU, ECM, or PCM, is calibrated at the factory with settings that are intended for the average driver. was founded by 2 passionate members back in 2006 and has quickly grown into our current 8 person operation with a 10,000 sq. If you have no ability to tune yourself, my main service allows you to postal mail me your PCM for tuning, for just $100 OBDI LT1 / $100 OBDII LT1 / $100 LS1 for basic changes, or only $175 OBDI LT1 / $175 OBDII LT1 / $200 LS1 for power, MPG and/or auto transmssion tuning, or for your '92-'93 LT1, have me mail you a new tuned chip for $85 or $150. Viezu's Peugeot ECU tuning is available for most Peugeot models, Peugeot tuning can include performance, motorsport, fuel economy tuning, Viezu’s specialist “Blue Optimize” tuning, as well as speed limiter adjustment, and other custom Peugeot engine tuning adjustments. PRT Performance has an extensive reputation known the world over for building and tuning some of the world most powerful engines. Hondata's Flashpro is the ecu and fuel tuning device of choice for many many applications of Honda. Our NVQ Level 3 technicians improve fuel efficiency and overall vehicle performance through remap services. Snail Performance AZ in the only COBB Tuning Certified Protuner for Subaru and GTR in the Phoenix area. Get more horsepower for your car: Whether you are looking for a chip tuning for Mercedes, a BMW performance chip or more power for your VW - with DTE you achieve a performance increase of up to 30%. Chip tuning is changing or modifying an erasable programmable read only memory chip in an automobile's or other vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU) to achieve superior performance, whether it be more power, cleaner emissions, or better fuel efficiency. We offer performance chips and parts for every make and model of car, truck or SUV equipped with gasoline or diesel engines. Oct 16, 2015 · Chip Tuning an E320 CDI Rocketchip can do a Stage 1 (any more and you'd need hardware mods) that yields 44 more hp and 52 more ft-lbs of torque. Click on the engine you’d like to optimize and discover the available products for your vehicle: Tuning Box Classic : one-channel power box; Tuning Box Evolution : high-end multi-channel ECU tuning system Tuning box OBD2. Your kit quickly arrives preconfigured with Jun 06, 2018 · ECU tuning, with a caution “You can definitely cause your car to run more efficiently and get better mileage by using ECU tuning software," says Dankel. Basically we disassemble the whole ECU, open it and change the right EPROM's (microchips, Power Chip) or simply reflash the ECU. stfでは、サクラダイノ製ローラー式シャーシダイノでecu(コンピューター)セッテイングを専用のシャーシ室で行います。各種どんなecuでも出来ますので仕様にあったecuをアドバイスいたします。セッテイング後はパワーグラフもお渡しします。 Filter products / ECU Tuning / Showing all 4 results Sort by None Default Review Count Popularity Average rating Newness Price: low to high Price: high to low Random Products Product Name PZP is Perth's premier JDM tuning garage. It can take full control of the engine management needs and while doing so feedback false signals to the stock ECU so it will think it is still running the engine. OEM engine calibrators literally have hundreds of hours in tuning the factory ECU so that it’s as perfect as it can be, this cannot be replicated in one hour of dyno tuning no matter what anyone tells you. Jul 21, 2020 · Mercedes Performance Tuning experts and we help Mercedes Benz owners make the most out of their purchase. The ECU flasher we supply include MPPS, Xprog-M, KWP2000+, Galletto 1260, BDM100 ,Kess V2,Ktag,SKP900 and more. If you want to upgrade your Import you've come to the right place! We have a huge selection of parts for Import , all at deep discount prices, and all backed by our industry leading service. Those owning a 435i Coupé and longing for some additional power for occasional excursions to the motorsport can satisfy this wish with an especially adjusted HAMANN control module. Buy online performance chip for your car such as ECU chips, power and Flash programmers and Custom horsepower tuning. so tuner leans down the A/F mixture to the extreme end and thereby causing the cylinder to run very high temperature. Due to advances in ECU technology, all vehicles 2015+ will require our CR Tech 2 unit or one of our Pro range units which includes our flagship Pro+Boost unit. Then he qualifies, "What often happens though is that, as you squeeze more power out of your engine, you also begin to have more fun with your gas pedal. Shop by Category About Us Engine Tuning is the process by which modifications are made via stand-alone engine management system (or ems which replaces your vehicle’s ecu) resulting in increased performance, horsepower, reliability, and/or fuel economy…. Sonic Tuning's one stop shop offers parts from intake, exhaust, wheels, suspension to lighting and performance solution for your vehicle. EuroSport Tuning is Your One Stop Shop for Aftermarket Performance Welcome to EuroSport Tuning - a leading retailer of Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen, and Volvo performance parts and accessories. Travis leads ups all the tuning at our California location and Taylor is the Protuner at our Arizona shop. We also provide Custom Dyno Tuning, Flashing and Chipping for nearly all makes and models of vehicles. Driving any Porsche, even entry-level models is a special experience…but when you get behind the wheel of one that has the letters “GT” in the name. More details call : (602) 633-4132 2016-2018 Camaro Engine Tuning ECU PCM Power Programmers from aftermarket companies like SCT, Diablo, and more. ChipTorque has more than 30 years industry experience specialising in plugin & custom tuning solutions, diagnosis, dyno tuning and factory ECU remapping. More Than Just A Performance Service Shop, We Offer A Full Line Of Parts, Mechanical Services, Race car Prep, Engine Building, Restorations, Diagnostics And More! We Have Solutions To Optimize Your McLaren, Lamborghini, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Subaru, GT-R, GM, Ford, And More! Pro-Tuning | ECU Recalibration APM Tuned offers custom pro-tuning for a multitude of makes and models of vehicles. 00 plus vat on all Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW and Exotic vehicles (with a 6 month, 10 000 kms guarantee),Please note prices are subject to change as well as your preference to Syked Pro Tuning Handheld Package - Chrysler 200/300 2005-2013. EcuteK supports the retuning of the factory ECU in your, Nissan, Great Wall, Subaru, Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazda. WOT tuning can take a few hours, while driveability and running quality of the car can take a whole day sometimes. Call Us 425-269-5332 New Genius & Flash Point OBDII/BOOT Protocols ECU Hand-Held Chip Tuning Tool Supprorted All Vehicle Catgeories Description: he New Genius is the world’s first Touch & Map device which allows reading / programming the ECU in modern vehicles over OBD2. We have built a library Remote Tuning Services Shop / On-Site Work! We have partnered up with Moh's Performance to offer customers who are looking for parts installation , wiring , fabrication , f uel injector cleaning , and tuning all under one roof along with a brand new AWD DynoJet Dyno we can cover just about any job an individual could request. With over 20 years of high performance engine tuning experience, our headquarters is equipped with the most up to date and advanced equipment to keep up with todays most advanced Tuning Shop and Dealer ECU Flashing Information. ecu remapping chip tuning at rpt bangkok thailand RPT ECU Thailand are the ECU Remapping Engine Tuning Specialists for Petrol and Diesel, Cars, Trucks, Pick-Ups, Motor Bikes and Marine Engines. License Fee + Tuning Fee (see below) - $300 Pro Tune N/A - $450 Pro Tune NON-OEM Turbo - $550 Pro Tune V8 - Armada, Titan - $500 COBB PRO TUNE Find 3 listings related to Tuning Shop in Tri Cities on YP. For that reason, you and your vehicle will always be treated in the most personal and friendly manner. As always anonymity is maintained and your shop builds its reputation and profits by providing additional tuning services. COBB Authorised Dealer & Pro-Tuner HP Tuners Distibutor MaxxECU Authorised Dealer REVO Authorised Dealer Tuning box OBD2.   High Pressure Fuel Pump Nostrum High Pressure Fuel Pump kits offer an Add to Cart MK7 Golf, GTI ECU & DSG Tunes (2015-2019) Looking to give your MQB engine some more power than look no further than 2015-2019 MK7 GTI ECU tune options at Modded Euros. Whether your vehicle has stock ECU tuning or aftermarket modifications, our performance chip will adapt to your modifications and provide the tune necessary for your vehicle’s individual setup. How do we develop tuning files: - ECU architecture is investigated by reading Funktionsrahmen - Original ECU file is investigated by using Limited Mappack - Chip tuning files are made and intensively tested and logged on the dyno and road - Many tuning files get revised over time. Here you will find all performance tuning options currently available with APR Tuning, categorized by their various ECU tuning and performance hardware parts. For your Peugeot, Tuning Box has developed bespoke and particularly effective performance chips for the 407. With over fourteen years of experience in engine tuning, he specializes in the calibration of performance vehicles. 2021 Tuning Tech FS (TTFS) is a premier dyno tuning shop that specializes in performance tunes for BMW, Porsche, Mercedes,Toyota/Lexus, Audi, Range Rovers, Mini, Volkswagen, and more. com or For reliable performance tuning services, you can count on KC MAXX Performance in Kansas City, KS. the common scenario is this: customer tells tuner he wants the best possible performance gains, must "have feel" if not the tuning is considered bad. We have experience tuning almost every engine management ECU on the market, and now offer tuning to almost every stock ECU on newer model cars. Evolution Powersports mail-in ECM tuning is a cost effective way to get HUGE power gains from your X3. Performance Tuning has become a big industry over the last 15 years and with our in house developers we are most definitely at the forefront of the industry for Engine Tuning and ECU Remaps. Quantum Tuning are the largest ecu remapping & chip tuning service dealer group, supplying 50,000 files annually to a network of 1,000 dealers in 95 countries. ecu tuning shops

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